Conserving electricity

We encourage the efficient use of electricity to defer the construction of expensive new power plants and transmission lines. The strategy lowers capital investment, reduces future debt loads, and lessens the impact on the environment. Customers benefit from lower electricity bills and more energy efficient electrical products and services. The strategy also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by allowing us to export surplus electricity. Exports displace fossil-fuel generated electricity which produces far more greenhouse gases than hydroelectric generation. To deliver the strategy, we have launched 2 types of programs:

  • Demand side management programs to encourage customers to use electricity more efficiently. These programs operate under the name of Power Smart. Through Power Smart, we have helped residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers save millions of dollars on their electricity bills. For more details, view residential savings & rebates or commercial and industrial programs.
  • Supply efficiency initiatives to optimize Manitoba Hydro’s own use of electricity and increase the production capability of existing facilities.