EMF studies & reports

Studies to date have reaffirmed that there is no scientific evidence to justify modifications to the electricity system because of electric and magnetic fields.

However, Manitoba Hydro recognizes there is a growing concern about the risks to human health from the electric and magnetic fields produced by power lines as well as electric blankets, microwave ovens, or any other device that carries electricity. For more information, view these governmental/scientific reviews of the potential health effects of power-frequency EMFs.

We respond to inquiries with printed information and in some cases we will visit a customer’s home or office and take measurements. To date, readings at all locations have fallen within acceptable limits.

If you are concerned about the possible effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields, reduce your exposure to them. Because electric and magnetic fields drop off rapidly with distance, do not stay any closer to working appliances than necessary:

  • Sit at arm’s length from the screen of a personal computer, and keep your distance from other monitors – particularly the back or sides where electric and magnetic fields are generally highest.
  • Consider using hair dryers less, since they create very high levels of electric and magnetic fields.
  • If you have a portable fan or telephone answering machine in your bedroom, keep them away from your bed.
  • The same applies to electric clocks, which produce much higher levels of electric and magnetic fields than battery or wind-up clocks.
  • If you use an electric blanket or waterbed heater, consider using them to preheat the bed and unplug them before going to sleep.

The following websites are recommended for your research: