Service disruption

When natural gas service is disrupted, we act quickly to restore it. We will relight crucial customers like hospitals and senior centres first, and then all other customers. Although disruptions are usually short-lived, a gate station or pipeline may require complex repairs, and you may be without service for several hours. Listen to the radio for current information and instructions from Manitoba Hydro.

Keep warm:

  • Even without your natural gas furnace operating, the building will stay warm for several hours if you keep doors and windows closed. Before the building starts to cool down, start an alternate heat source, such as an electric heater.
  • Keep combustibles away from all alternate heat sources.
  • Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves will keep you warm safely as long as they are adequately ventilated and there’s no risk of carbon monoxide build-up.

Avoid freezing water pipes:

  • When natural gas service is disrupted during winter, freezing temperatures could affect your water pipes. Keep a tap open and let water run slowly.
  • If you need to evacuate, shut off the main water valve, open all taps and flush toilets several times to empty pipes. Add some antifreeze to all sinks, tubs and toilets.
  • Cover your main water valve and inlet pipes with blankets.
  • Turn off the natural gas supply and drain your water heater.

When service is restored:

  • Open your taps and then turn on the main water valve.
  • Flush toilets, drains, sinks and tubs to dispose of antifreeze.
  • Fill and turn on your water heater. If water lines have frozen, you might have cracked pipes or fittings. If they burst or leak when they thaw, there could be extensive water damage. Have someone stay in the house to check the pipes periodically.
  • Call your plumber if your pipes are damaged.

If you evacuate, leave a note on the front door telling Manitoba Hydro where you can be reached. Leave a key with a neighbour, friend or local family member because we must be able to access your home to restore services and light your pilot lights.