Locate your business in Manitoba

More and more world-class companies are experiencing continued success by being located in Manitoba, Canada. Along with other important site location factors, many companies have also discovered Manitoba’s energy advantage:

Our key industry sectors are an integral part of Manitoba’s diverse and stable economy. For more information, visit Manitoba Jobs and the Economy and Economic Development Winnipeg websites.

Site location assistance

Based on your site location parameters, our experienced staff will assist you throughout your site selection process in Manitoba.

Areas of assistance:

  • electricity;
  • natural gas;
  • process water;
  • waste treatment;
  • transportation infrastructure;
  • telecom services.

We have excellent working relationships with all government departments and Research & Development centres. Through these relationships we are able to coordinate programs and services to make your site selection process as timely and thorough as possible.

To discover the Manitoba energy advantage for your business location needs, email us.