Exceptional customer service & solutions

We provide one-stop electric and natural gas energy services for our commercial and industrial customers. We also provide expert advice and incentives to improve energy efficiency. For example, we partnered with Boeing and Air Liquide to upgrade the nitrogen generation system at Boeing’s Winnipeg plant, resulting in an 84% reduction in electricity costs for this process.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • energy management systems;
  • power quality analysis;
  • high voltage education and training;
  • apparatus maintenance;
  • transmission & distribution design & construction;
  • oil reconditioning;
  • chemical and oil testing;
  • telecom (fibre-optic communications).

Energy-saving programs and studies

We offer a number of programs and engineering studies to assist companies in improving their energy use:

  • Performance Optimization identifies savings through energy efficiency optimization of electrical systems.
  • Bioenergy Optimization implements systems that generate heat and or power from an industrial plant’s by-products and waste streams.
  • Eco-efficiency solutions identifies potential improvements to a company’s overall operational systems, processes, and the end use of energy.
  • Lighting studies identifies improvements to proposed or existing facility lighting systems and layouts.
  • Natural Gas Optimization identifies potential improvements to natural gas-fired equipment and systems.

Specialized expertise

Our customer engineering services team provides valued electric and natural gas technical expertise and partners with customers to create attractive business solutions.

Some of those attractive solutions have included:

  • evaluating the technical and financial attractiveness of new and innovative technology applications in key manufacturing processes;
  • identifying sustainable development opportunities in manufacturing processes where waste products could be recovered and used to produce value added products;
  • assisting companies with product commercialization by improving the energy rating or effectiveness of their products;
  • sponsoring applied research and development projects in partnership with businesses to optimize new energy efficient applications.