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Power Smart for Business Energy Efficiency sticker

We recognize business customers who make the environmentally sound choice to make energy efficient upgrades to their commercial building. Businesses that have participated in our Power Smart programs are provided with a sticker for their storefront windows that displays to customers, staff, and the public that their business has made efforts to become Power Smart.

Spot the Sticker: CN leads the way with Power Smart upgrades

Canadian National (CN) Railway is a leader in transporting goods throughout North America and beyond. With cost control as one of its guiding principles, the company looks to cut operating costs where it can.

CN’s mechanical shop in Winnipeg has made several money-saving improvements over the years with our help. A recent project involved upgrading the 27,367 m2 shop’s roof insulation levels. Built in the early 1900s, it was difficult and expensive to maintain a comfortable temperature in the shop.

CN applied for an incentive through the Building Envelope Program (CBEP). This program encourages building owners and operators to improve their building’s envelope (windows and insulation) with incentives that cover up to 100% of the incremental cost of their upgrades.

“The process was very quick and streamlined,” says Alex Pylopowich, a CN supervisor. “We have a close relationship with Manitoba Hydro because of all the projects we’ve worked on together.”

Once CN’s participation in the program was approved, a contractor completed the roof insulation project in a matter of months. The results were significant, with annual energy savings of nearly 308,000 m3 in natural gas and 58,000 kWh in electricity. These savings translated to more than $80,000 in bill reductions per year.

CN’s employees noticed an improvement in comfort as well. The building is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. “I hear the comments time and again — ’It feels like there’s air conditioning on in this building!’” says Pylopowich.

Pylopowich says there are definite plans for future Power Smart improvements, including more lighting upgrades. “Maintenance is a huge thing for us,” he says. “We only have so many electricians and they can’t be changing light bulbs all the time.”

“The people I’ve worked with at Manitoba Hydro always give you advice as to what you can do better. That’s the unseen value with Power Smart programs — the advice you get.”

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